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October 2021


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There is no doubt that something evil has come into my life, probably a demon. It has been teasing me with relatively small but nasty… Read More »Demon


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Sometimes the best way to solve problems is to forget about them; they often solve themselves anyway, in one way or another. That’s just what I decided to do to deal with the Tim-situation.


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I got suspended from school for two weeks. Maybe it wasn’t clever to tell the principal that I put the dead sparrow into my locker… Read More »Suspended

Tim Causing Trouble

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SHIT!!! I just got a call from the principal of Tim’s new school. Tim is suspended for two weeks! Apparently, he has done some weird shit with dead animals.

Dead Sparrow

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‘We have forgotten something important’, Kat said this morning, when we met at school. ‘We haven’t buried the sparrow yet.’ Actually, I don’t think that… Read More »Dead Sparrow


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Thanks to divine guidance, Timothy and his friends found me. I heard someone opening the cellar hatch, and immediately shouted for help. I saw Asian-looking… Read More »Escaped!