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Unexpected Visit

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Shirley came to meet me in the hospital. She drove five hundred miles just to keep the advance over me. She bought flowers and chocolates and acted like a caring girlfriend. But the way she looked at me …

Fake Dating

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I have been dating Shirley for three weeks now, but that devious woman hasn’t yet invited me to her place. She is playing me, and she is enjoying every moment of my humiliation. Of course, she wasn’t frank with me when …

On Her Mercy

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It was most humiliating to call Shirley and ask about my missing laptop. Even though we had spent a night together, she is by no means my friend. She is my colleague and can’t be trusted.


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Sometimes the best way to solve problems is to forget about them; they often solve themselves anyway, in one way or another. That’s just what I decided to do to deal with the Tim-situation.

Tim Causing Trouble

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SHIT!!! I just got a call from the principal of Tim’s new school. Tim is suspended for two weeks! Apparently, he has done some weird shit with dead animals.