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Sometimes the best way to solve problems is to forget about them; they often solve themselves anyway, in one way or another. That’s just what I decided to do to deal with the Tim-situation. Bar 7 on the street floor of our office building is a perfect after-work place for relaxing and forgetting purposes. So, that’s where I went right after work – best way to start a weekend!

I was accompanied by Shirley, Linda, and Matthew, my best enemies. We compete ruthlessly against each other, and we enjoy it! Maybe that’s why we are also the fiercest party animals in the galaxy. We decided to take a drinking competition. I usually win them easily, but this time I had hard time keeping the pace. Soon it all went a little hazy, and at some point, I caught myself opening up to them about my life, and they were provoking me to share even more details. Shirley was particularly annoying, and I think I drank way more than I had planned to.

Today morning I woke up in her bed – I didn’t have a clue how we had ended up there, or what we had possibly done there. She was still sleeping, so I put my clothes on, and sneaked away. Luckily Helen spent the night at her working studio, so there was no need to explain anything to her. But back home I noticed that I had a bigger problem: my suitcase was empty – my laptop was gone!

James will kill me. I shouldn’t have brought it away from the office in the first place: it is our policy to keep any media containing classified information inside the office. Everyone breaks that policy, but if something happens, the violator is held responsible. So, shit!


What is Lance going to do to get his computer back?

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