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Fake Dating

I have been dating Shirley for three weeks now, but that devious woman hasn’t yet invited me to her place. She is playing me, and she is enjoying every moment of my humiliation. Of course, she wasn’t frank with me when I suggested that we could redo our encounter at her place. Instead, she used excuses: she told me she wouldn’t like to fool around again the way we did earlier. By that, she was obviously referring to this miserable Friday when I let my guard down and she used my weak moment to steal my computer (which she would never admit). She suggested that we would take it slowly and start dating in an old-fashioned way. She even had a nerve to tell me she has got hurt too many times, and she wanted to make sure we would be on the same page – like we could ever be on the same page as long as she has leverage over me!

So I have no choice. I must patiently play along her rules, until she makes a mistake and I get a chance to get my computer back from her. So, we have had several lunch and dinner dates, and we have been talking a lot of bullshit about feelings, expectations, dreams and what not. I have been using all my acting skills and psychologist’s senses to make her convinced that I am building this relationship for real. Luckily, she wants basically the same as all the women: a loyal devoted puppy to whom she could be the center of the universe and the subject of worship. This dance I can do better than anyone, because of the 14 years with Helen.

That’s why I shouldn’t have surprised that Shirley decided to start playing for higher stakes: today at lunch she asked about Helen. She did it very casually, she just mentioned her blog and asked how she was doing. So, I was able to more or less evade the question, I just told she has been busy with her work lately. But sooner or later Shirley will get back to her real question: am I willing to divorce Helen for her? I must prepare to give her an answer that would satisfy her.


What is Lance going to answer to the question about the divorce?

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