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Unexpected Visit

Shirley came to meet me in the hospital. She drove five hundred miles just to keep the advance over me. She bought flowers and chocolates and acted like a caring girlfriend. But the way she looked at me, I knew that she had something up her sleeve.

She took my hand and kissed it. Too bad that my leg is so broken that I am not allowed to move my body; it would have been nice to get kisses to some other places as well. If I hadn’t known better about her true intentions, it would have felt nice to have someone so caring around me. Well, someone other than my mother, of course. Martha keeps visiting me every day.

She has balls, I have to admit that. She didn’t seem to worry at all about the possibility that someone from my family might be here. Luckily Helen traveled back home as soon as she could. I don’t want to imagine, what kind of drama would have started, if those two met each other.

Shirley left after hanging around for a while. She said she would stay in a local motel, and she would come again tomorrow. I have a bad feeling about this. If she stays longer, she will sooner or later bump into Martha or Tim, and who knows what she might tell them about us?

What can I do to prevent them meeting each other?

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        Maybe his character has more dimensions than you think? And I believe that actions make the character, not other way around. And it is up to us to vote on those actions.

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