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At Father Greg’s House

I drove to Father Greg’s house. He lives in an old stone house; it looks beautiful but little gloomy for my taste. It would need a woman’s touch to look cosier. Nice curtains with lace trimmings would make a great difference. I knocked on the front door and rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. However, his car was in front of the garage, so I thought that maybe he was so concentrated on reading the Bible that he didn’t pay attention the doorbell.

So, I walked around the house to the backyard, and there was another door – locked. I knocked few times, but it was no use.

I started to feel very frustrated. Did I come here for nothing?

Then I remembered the words that God showed me in the Bible last Sunday: “There is a path which no fowl knoweth”. Maybe there is a path to the house, not normally used, and I am to find it to help Father Greg in any trouble he might have. Of course! It is clear like a daylight now. I will find that path!


How is Martha going to get herself inside the house?

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Time Left: 12 HOURS, 28 MINUTES, 55 SECONDS

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