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Calling for an Exorcist

I wrote a newspaper ad and sent it to a couple of national newspapers as well as to the local one. It is challenging to write a text that is discreet yet informative enough. Nevertheless, I think I got it right. It may not be obvious to laity, but a true exorcist will understand immediately what kind of assistance I need.

Here is the ad I wrote:

Are you an able man with shepherd’s staff?
Elderly woman needs discreet assistance with a problem of sinful nature. The luring demon needs to be pushed down to whichever hole it belongs (in a biblical sense). All the expenses will be covered, including the possible assistants’ fees, and Virgin Mary will bless you with tears of joy in her eyes.

Now it is up to God to guide the right exorcist to answer to my call. All I can do is to wait and to pray for the best.


Where is Martha going to focus her energy while waiting for the answers to the ad?

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Time Left: 838 DAYS, 10 HOURS, 37 MINUTES, 52 SECONDS

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