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There is no doubt that something evil has come into my life, probably a demon. It has been teasing me with relatively small but nasty tricks. After the alarming video message, I have begun to get these phone calls. The cellphone rings, and the numbers 666 come to the screen. I always answer the call, because I try to get as much information about it as possible. So far, the information has always been the same: the same static noise and the same ominous chant as in the video, calling my name and making very inappropriate suggestions.

But I am not the only one targeted by this demon: it made the principal suspend Tim from the school! Tim hasn’t been willing to talk about the incident, but I understood that some kind of satanic ritual involving an animal sacrifice has been committed. I wouldn’t be surprised, if there was a cult involved, foolishly calling upon the powers of evil, probably not understanding what they are doing. Maybe they are teenagers, they have tendency to act before thinking. Tim said he doesn’t know anything about such cult, and I believe him. But to protect him from the demon, I decided to take him with me to the church every Sunday, in spite of his protests.

I need an exorcist, no question about that, but it is surprisingly difficult to find one. I can’t ask anyone from the church, because of the delicate nature of the situation: Father Greg is probably indirectly influenced by the same demon. And I can’t make any phone calls to find an exorcist, because the demon obviously controls my cellphone.


How is Martha going to find an exorcist?

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