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Thanks to divine guidance, Timothy and his friends found me. I heard someone opening the cellar hatch, and immediately shouted for help. I saw Asian-looking girl staring at me through the hatch. She made a call with her phone, and soon I saw also Timothy and another boy up there.

They pushed a ladder through the hatch. When I climbed up, I realized how weak I was, which was no wonder, since I hadn’t been eating anything for several days. But God gave me strength to climb up and drive us home.

When we arrived home, I noticed that I had forgotten to take my cellphone when I escaped from the cellar. Unless someone has found it, it is still in Father Greg’s cellar recording video of the hatch in the door. I was too tired to worry about it then – I fell asleep right after eating some soup. But I do worry about it now. I need to get it back: if my tormentor has opened the door or its hatch after my escape, my cellphone might have recorded some video of him! As long as this possessed soul can freely go on with his wicked ways, Father Greg is in danger.


How is Martha going to get her cellphone back?

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Time Left: 20 HOURS, 24 MINUTES, 31 SECONDS

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