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Getting the Phone Back

Timothy is such a good boy! I didn’t need to persuade him to help me to get my phone back. Furthermore, and this surprises me the most, he didn’t question my plan: instead of asking Father Greg to give my phone back, we would need to sneak into his cellar once again and take it back secretly. I am grateful to him for not asking the obvious questions, to which I still don’t have answers. Who was the man who kept me locked in Father Greg’s cellar without food for days and tried to lure me into the sin of gluttony? If he wasn’t Father Greg (and I’m sure he wasn’t), how was he able to do those evil deeds in Father Greg’s home? As long as Fater Greg might be in danger, I must be very discreet when proceeding with the investigation.

So, last evening we drove back to Father Greg’s house. Our plan was simple: I went to the front door and rang the doorbell. In the meanwhile, Timothy sneaked to the other side of the house, pushed the ladder into the cellar hatch, and climbed down.

No one came to open the front door. But I kept ringing the doorbell to draw anyone’s attention away from Timothy. It felt like eternity, but finally he came back – waving my phone in his hand!

I felt like a young girl running away after a shenanigan, when we rushed back to the car and drove home.

I went to my room and locked the door. I wanted to be alone when checking if I managed to get my tormentor’s face in the video. I started the video, but it was not what I expected. I had recorded the cellar door hatch, but I saw none of that in the video.

Instead, it was a gray, flickering picture with static noise. In the middle of the screen there was a dark, obscure figure, like a shadow in fog. And then I heard this low, ominous voice chanting: ‘Martha… Martha… Martha…

Then the video went black and ended. There was no doubt in my mind – I was just contacted by someone or something evil.


How is Martha going to cope with the video?

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