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Hatch in the Door

I decided to try to get a signal for my cellphone once again. This time I would be extremely careful: If there was any point in cellar, where even the weakest signal would be available, I would find it. I started go through the cellar inch by inch with my cell phone, carefully watching the small screen.

When I had been searching for the signal for quite some time, I suddenly heard a strong slamming sound from the metal door leading out of the cellar! Did I imagine it, or was it real? I wasn’t sure, but I rushed to the door anyway. And what I saw blew my mind: there was a hatch in the door, similar to prison doors. How didn’t I notice it earlier? Now it couldn’t have been missed any more because it was open on my side of the door. The other side was closed.

And there was something in the hatch: an envelope!

I quickly took an envelope and opened it. I found a handwritten note inside it. When I read it, my heart started to beat wildly, because I realized that I was even in deeper trouble than I imagined.

The note said: PHONE = FOOD


How is Martha going to react to the note?

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