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In Father Greg’s Cellar

I am not sure, for how long I have already been in Father Greg’s cellar. For quite some time, anyway – several days, I believe. It must be way over Sunday now, and I don’t even have my Bible with me to find advice and comfort.

But the situation is this: I managed to open the cellar hatch, but when I tried to climb through it to the cellar, the edge of the opening slipped from my grip, and I fell down. I must have hit my head quite badly and lose my consciousness. I woke up on the cellar floor, and I had a horrible headache. When I tried to rise, I threw up. I probably had a concussion.

I tried to shout for Father Greg, my voice was too weak. Luckily, I didn’t find any bleeding, and my neck moved normally. I decided I needed more rest – that’s the best cure for mild concussions.

I don’t know, how long I lay there, maybe I slept for a while. But eventually I felt little better and managed to get up. There was no light at all, so it was very difficult to get around. And I still felt little dizzy. But I moved very slowly and used my hands to familiarize myself with the place. It is amazing, how well we can observe our surroundings without seeing anything. God has given us five senses in His wisdom, and if one is taken away, there is still four left. I recognized a radiator, a water sink, bare concrete floor and walls, locked steel door, a fire door, two rooms and an open door between them… and finally I found a light switch!

I switched on the light. The image I had built without seeing was surprisingly similar to the cellar I was now able to see – with one exception: the cellar was much deeper than I thought. The walls were at least 9 feet high, and the cellar hatch was even higher. I thanked the Lord for carrying me in His hands and keeping me safe when I was falling down from the hatch.

The metal door leading out of the cellar was locked. I tried shout for help, but nobody came. Maybe Father Greg could not hear me? Maybe he wasn’t home. I still didn’t know, what kind of trouble he was in, but I was starting to realize that I was in trouble, too!

I started to search the cellar more carefully, and quite soon I realized that it was almost completely empty. Neither of the two rooms were used as any kind of storage space – no food, no tools, nothing. They were just two empty rooms with concrete walls and concrete floor. Quite weird, actually. My cellar is full of stuff. But maybe priests are not interested in owning and storing stuff, since they are focused on heavenly matters.

The room with the locked metal door leading out also had a water sink, and the other one had a fire door, also locked, leading probably to the boiler room. Both rooms had a radiator, and there was some plumbing along the walls. And that’s it.

Then I noticed my handbag beside the wall under the hatch. I quickly took my cellphone out of the bag, but to my disappointment I couldn’t get a signal.

So, I have been locked inside Father Greg’s cellar for several days for now. So far, no one has heard me yelling for help. I have also tried banging the radiators to get noticed, but it has all been in vain. Thank God there is water to drink, but I am starting to be very hungry. The Bible says that man (as well as elderly woman, I hope) can survive without food for 40 days. I wonder how long it will take until the hunger makes me have visions like St. John. Before that happens, I must come up with other means to get out.


What is Martha going to try next to get out?

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