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Infested Cellphone

My ad was finally published in the newspapers of last weekend. Now I still need to wait at least few days for the potential exorcists to contact me.

In the meantime, I have been busy finding more information about demons. Luckily, Timothy is quite skilled with computers, and he helped me to use the search engine. It is surprisingly easy: you just need to write few words to tell the engine what you need to find, and then the engine finds a lot of information on the subject in question. The hardest part is to read through all the text.

I knew something about demons beforehand, but I didn’t know this: in addition to possessing people, demons can also infest an object and start dwelling inside it. When I read about this, I immediately understood why my cellphone has been acting strangely and why I have got those weird messages: a demon has made my cellphone its home! It is lurking there in my handbag, always near me, calling me, tempting me, whispering insults to my ear using very vulgar language – waiting until I have a weak moment to attack me and possess me. But apparently the demon didn’t realize that my faith is strong, and God is always with me. I am not an easy target!

On the other hand, Timothy hasn’t found God yet, despite all my efforts. That makes him weak, even though I am constantly praying for him. Since he is living with me, with my cellphone nearby, there is a risk that the demon chooses an easier way and tries to possess him instead. That’s why I can’t have that demon living in my cellphone any longer.


What is Martha going to do to banish the demon from her cellphone?

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