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Resisting Temptations

I recognize a work of the devil when I see one. And this vicious note has undoubtedly been written in the guidance of Satan himself. And for what purpose? To tempt me into sin! And it is not one of those lesser sins that can be forgiven by a couple of Ave Marias. I am being tempted to fall into gluttony, one of the deadly sins!

Who is the poor soul who was made to write this evil note? It can’t be Father Greg. He is the most righteous man I know. The Holy Spirit shines brightly in him; under such protection there is no way he could be lured into Satan’s traps, as sweet as they might be.

But even Father Greg can’t be immune to the wrongdoings of people who are possessed by satanic influence. Someone must have attacked him and taken over his house.

However, evil never wins. The Devil might believe that he has lured me into this trap of temptation, but little does he know that it all has been God’s plan. God himself instructed me to come here by the means of His holy words, and my purpose is to be the vessel of His will.

There is no way I would take the food, with which this possessed person tries to lure me into sin’s way. And I won’t give away my cellphone either. If he desires the cellphone, it must be a valuable weapon for the righteous, even though I couldn’t find the signal. I just need to figure out, how to use it against him.


How is Martha going to use the cellphone against her godless enemy?

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