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Even though Granny was firmly against it, I decided to go to the police and confess that I killed Father Greg. This decision was not easy, but I knew …


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I am still in shock. I just can’t cope with everything that happened lately. I have gone through all the facts over and over again; they are circulating in my mind like crows. And although …

Granny Is Dating!

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Granny has started dating! Just within a couple of weeks she has already met at lest five different guys. She has never been the most conventional of people, but this is on a whole new level. I would have never guessed that …

Fire Alarm

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It took some time to find an opportunity to place the camera so that it would be able to capture a good view without being… Read More »Fire Alarm


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I got suspended from school for two weeks. Maybe it wasn’t clever to tell the principal that I put the dead sparrow into my locker… Read More »Suspended

Dead Sparrow

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‘We have forgotten something important’, Kat said this morning, when we met at school. ‘We haven’t buried the sparrow yet.’ Actually, I don’t think that… Read More »Dead Sparrow