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Back to the Dark

It was nice while it lasted: people having mostly neutral attitude towards me (which was a huge improvement compared to my former school), some of them even liking me a bit. Kat seems to be happy because ever since I joined the class, she hasn’t been the only weirdo anymore. And Liam should get some kind of trophy for his genuine positivity and friendliness to the newcomer. Even our teacher Miss Hedges is ok in her funky way. She is not judgmental at all, maybe because she has also seen the darker side of life (I can tell – it takes one to know one).

But as I feared, the promising start in my new school was too good to be true. It all ended this afternoon, when I opened my locker and saw something awful: a dead sparrow inside my locker!

A dead sparrow – and the head of that poor thing had been cut off.

I panicked when I saw it, almost threw up. My heart beating, cold sweat on my forehead, tunnel vision. I slammed the locker door closed and ran away.

I ran home without stopping and locked myself into my room. Luckily, Granny wasn’t home, I didn’t want her to see me like this. Questions pounding in my head: Who killed the poor sparrow and put it into my locker? Maybe them – my old “friends”? But whoever did it, how could they have opened my locker without a key? Why would they do such a thing? Just to make me upset? Or are they threating me? Will my life become the same miserable hell it was before moving here?

The beep in my phone interrupted my thoughts. It was a message from Kat:

You left your bag when you rushed away.
Don’t worry, I got it!
I hope everything is OK!
See you tomorrow!

It was probably the nicest message I ever got.


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