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Chat with Father Greg

I couldn’t have imagined a week ago that I would participate the ceremony of the local church. Even though Granny goes to church every Sunday (well, not this Sunday), I made it clear to her from the beginning that I am atheist, and wouldn’t join her. She was clearly disappointed, but didn’t pressure me.

But there we went, and patiently suffered through the whole ceremony. It was mostly pretty boring, but I must admit that Father Greg is a great speaker. His sermon handled free will and the problems it has caused to people. Kat is catholic, and Liam has had his fair share of God’s words in Boy Scouts meetings, so it probably wasn’t as painful for them as it was for me.

After the service we went to talk with Father Greg. He was very friendly and told us he was sorry for my grandmother, but haven’t heard anything about her. When I asked him about the message she sent him, and about the several calls she made to him, he seemed a bit confused for a second, but he insisted that he didn’t get neither messages nor calls from her.

But I know he did. That’s all Granny talked about for the whole week before she disappeared.

Why was Father Greg lying?


How are they going to find out, what Father Greg is hiding?

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