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Dead Sparrow

‘We have forgotten something important’, Kat said this morning, when we met at school. ‘We haven’t buried the sparrow yet.’

Actually, I don’t think that either of us had forgotten it – at least I hadn’t. Although we have been busy looking for Granny, the decapitated sparrow has been haunting my dreams like a bad omen. It was time to bury the poor bird and hope that this awful feeling about everything falling apart would be buried with it.

But I wasn’t careful enough when I opened my locker to take the sparrow out. Suddenly Cindy – of all the possible passers-by – was there right behind me.

‘What is this smell?’ she asked, and when she saw what it was, she started screaming hysterically. Soon the hallway began to get crowded by my nosy classmates.

And then, of course, principal Biggins came over. ‘What’s going on?’ he asked, extremely annoyed (as usual).

‘It is a corpse!’ Cindy cried. ‘Animal corpse in his locker!’ She pointed a finger towards me, and I barely resisted the temptation to show her another finger.

‘In my office, now!’ he said to me. ’And the rest of you, clean up this mess!’


How is Tim going to explain the dead sparrow to principal Biggs?

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