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End of Search

We found Granny! Kat, Liam, and I had split up for more efficient search, and it turned out to be a good idea. We all found something interesting. I was looking through the windows. I even managed to take steps to the second-floor balcony and to the rooftop. I saw a small bedroom through the rooftop window. Someone was sleeping in the bed, I couldn’t tell who. I sent a message to Kat and Liam to make sure they would be extra careful not to make any noise.

But the real breakthrough was made by Kat and Liam. Liam was searching the surroundings of the house, and he found Granny’s car! It had been hidden beside of the garage and covered with a blanket. And soon after that, Kat found Granny!  She managed to open the cellar hatch, and just when she was about to climb down into the cellar, she heard how Granny shouted for help.

The cellar was surprisingly deep, and somehow Granny had got trapped inside. Luckily, we found ladders standing against the garage wall. We pushed it to the hatch, and Granny managed to climb up. She seemed to be exhausted, but otherwise in reasonably good condition considering the circumstances.

There were millions of questions about her disappearance that I wanted to ask Granny, but understandably she wasn’t in talking mood. Right now, it was most important to get her some food and rest; there would be time for questions later. We got into her car, and she drove us home.


How is Tim going to try to get answers to his questions about Martha’s disappearance?

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