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I am still in shock. I just can’t cope with everything that happened lately. I have gone through all the facts over and over again; they are circulating in my mind like crows. And although facts are clear, I still can’t understand anything.

So, the facts:

1. I killed Father Greg in the church on Christmas Eve. I cut his throat with my pocket knife.

2. After that, the church started to collapse. Mum, Dad, Granny, and I ran out of the church just in time. Dad hurt his leg. He is in hospital now, but he will be fine.

3. The ruins of the church are still being cleared. At least 27 bodies have been found among the rubble. 5 persons were rescued, they are seriously hurt. So far, Father Greg’s body has not been found.

4. Granny has gone crazy. She keeps talking about a demon that infested first her phone, and then the whole church (after she dropped the infested phone to the pool of holy water). She was also convinced that Farther Greg was possessed by a demon and based on that she insists that killing Father Greg was the right thing to do in that situation. Well, that’s how I felt when I did it. I did it, because he and everyone else in the church attacked Granny and me for some reason. At the moment it felt like it needed to be done as self-defense, but afterwards… I just feel awful. I think I overreacted and totally misinterpreted the situation.

I must do something to make things better. But what?

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