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Fire Alarm

It took some time to find an opportunity to place the camera so that it would be able to capture a good view without being noticed. The first opportunity finally came last week. I was running late to math class when i noticed that I was alone in a stairway. There was a fire alarm attached to the ceiling, and I was able to reach it. I lit my lighter and held it near the fire alarm. It went off quickly, and the loud siren sound was filling the whole building. Like decent obedient citizens, everyone wandered out of the building in accordance of the evacuation plan, while I was hiding in the cleaner’s closet. After the coast was clear, I ran to the lockers and attached the camera on the wall right under the clock. No one would notice it.

The rest of the school day felt like forever. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I was eager to check if the camera was working, but I didn’t dare to check my phone during the classes. Finally, the school day was over. I made a lame excuse to Kat and Liam for skipping our after-school get-together in Café Rosita, saying I had to help Granny with something.

I rushed back home, and immediately checked my phone. Everything worked perfectly: whenever someone moved in the hallway, the camera started recording. The footage looked great. Janitor walking by, Simon and his crew bullying a younger kid, Cindy fixing her makeup, principal Biggins and Miss Hedges having an argument… This was awesome! I was convinced that sooner or later I would catch my secret enemy in some incriminating situation.

Of course, I would get more specific information, if I could also hear what the people in the video were talking about. But unfortunately, the camera doesn’t have a microphone. It is possible to buy a small external mic and connect it to the camera, but then I should do this whole fire alarm trick once again.

Or I could just hide a portable sound recorder into my locker. It would be much easier, but then I would have separate audio and video files, which would be very inconvenient.


What is Tim going to do to solve the problem of the missing audio?

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