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Granny Is Dating!

Granny has started dating! Just within a couple of weeks she has already met at lest five different guys. She has never been the most conventional of people, but this is on a whole new level. I would have never guessed that religious elderly ladies did large-scale dating like this. I don’t know what to think or feel about this. It’s not like I want her to be unhappy or lonely, but at the same time it is so awkward that my own grandmother is dating – and even more so that she keeps bringing these guys home for the first date, and every time she makes sure to introduce me to them. Maybe she just wants to make it clear to them from the beginning that I am living with her for now. Or maybe she uses me as some kind of test: she checks how those guys deal with me. Most of them have been friendly or neutral. One of them gave me weird, unpleasant looks, and couple of them seemed to panic a bit.

The guys were very different: some of them were much younger than her, others about her age or older. I am not sure what she sees in any of them. I mean, she was married for almost 50 years and has been a widow for almost 10, so why does she need or want to date now? When I asked her about it (in a roundabout way), she told me she urgently needed to find the right person for a certain mission. And it was for the best that I wouldn’t know too much about it. Well, I guess it is not any of my business, as long as there won’t be any more search-for-granny or rescue-the-phone missions for me.

I just hope that she won’t invite any of them to the Christmas dinner. Mum and Dad being present will be painful enough – Granny’s random boyfriend candidate sitting at the same table would be too much.


What is Tim going to do to stop the dating situation from becoming even more awkward?

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