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Start of the Search

I was very nervous to call the police – I don’t want them to find out about my past. But I had no choice: Granny is missing, and something bad may have happened to her. So, I made the call on Saturday evening. The police officer asked routinely some questions about the details of her and about the circumstances of her disappearing, and I did my best to answer as specifically as I could. I luckily remembered her age and birthday – she had 63-year birthday last summer – so they could identify her. But I didn’t know the register number or model of her car (I don’t understand anything about cars). All I know its colour is white. And I wasn’t sure, what she was wearing when she left. But at least I was able to give some details about her look: gray hair, average height, always wearing a cross necklace. I had no idea, where she intended to go. She does have a lot of church-related volunteering activities, and she sings in a church choir, so maybe it had something to do with those.

The police officer also wanted to know about my relationship to her. I said that I was her grandson visiting her for a weekend (I didn’t want to tell him that I was living with her permanently, because of the questions that would arise). He also wanted to know, who her closest relative was, and I had to give my father’s name. I hope they won’t need to get him involved into this, because he would be so pissed off – and eventually he would end up blaming me for everything.

Then  I just waited for any news about Granny. One sleepless night, then the whole Sunday, then another sleepless night. No news, nothing! It was the longest weekend I ever had.

Today morning I was so tired and worried that I felt sick, but somehow I managed to get myself into school. Kat asked immediately, what was wrong. I must have looked just as bad as I felt. When I told her about Granny, I was shocked about her reaction. It wasn’t sympathy, it was anger. She was angry to me!

‘You IDIOT!’ she shouted. ‘Your grandmother is missing, and you have done NOTHING!’

I tried to explain, that I did call to the police, but she interrupted me.

‘All you have done is waiting at home, even though she can be in serious trouble! The police won’t help, they won’t have resources to find missing people. They will just make a report and at very best call the nearby hospitals and that’s it!’

Kat lectured me so loudly and angrily, that Miss Hedges must have overheard something. She came to us and asked, what was going on. Before I had a chance to make up something vague and harmless, Kat already had told her about Granny.

Miss Hedges was shocked. ‘Why are you in school, Tim?’ she asked. ‘You must go to look for her immediately! And you, Kat, will you go and help him?’ Kat nodded.

‘Can I go, too?’ Liam jumped in. I hadn’t even noticed him until now. He must also have heard that something was going on. ‘Of course, Liam’, the teacher said. ‘They are going to need your boy scout experience. Just go already!’

So, we turned around to leave the school. ‘I will join forces after the school day!’ Miss Hedges shouted just before we stepped outside.


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