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Still Searching

We spent the week chatting with the people from Granny’s church: the singers of her choir, the volunteer workers of the church cafeteria and homeless shelter, the clerk of the church office, the sexton, the gravedigger, the two priests living in the clergy house – Father William and Father Steven. Everyone seemed to know Granny, but no one had seen her on the last Saturday when she went missing. They were shocked to hear that she had disappeared and promised to pray for her safety.

Just as Kat had told, the police has done practically nothing to find Granny. Even Miss Hedges has done more. She has actively announced missing person in social media, and also done some door-to-door inquiries. And she has insisted Kat, and Liam, and me to stay away from school this week and concentrate on finding Granny.

But still, no trace of her! Today, after another pointless ask-around, we came to my and Granny’s home with Liam and Kat. I was beginning to lose hope: I know that first three days are critical for finding a missing person, and she has been missing for a week now! Liam and Kat did their best to keep me strong and focused on our mission. ‘Keep in mind that no news is good news’, Liam said. Kat told me to think hard: ‘Is there any detail, anything at all, even most vague, that you might have missed?’ she asked. ‘Anything unusual?’

I tried to think about the days before Granny’s missing. ‘There wasn’t anything unusual really’, I told them. ‘Granny was once again obsessed with something she read in the Bible, and she kept wondering what it meant.’

‘What did she read in the Bible?’ Kat asked.

‘Something about a hidden path, vultures, and lions’, I replied. ‘She didn’t understand it, and she tried to call a priest for advice.’

‘Which priest?’

‘Father Greg, I think. But he never answered her calls, which made her even more obsessed.’

‘Father Greg? We met Father William and Father Steven, but we didn’t meet him yet!’ Liam exclaimed. ‘Maybe we should.’

‘Liam is right!’ Kat replied. ‘Maybe he knows something.’


How are they going to contact Father Greg?

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