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I got suspended from school for two weeks. Maybe it wasn’t clever to tell the principal that I put the dead sparrow into my locker myself. Refusing to give any reason for such an action didn’t help either – I didn’t have time to come up with any reasonable explanation. But telling the truth might have led to even worse difficulties.  I didn’t want to give principal Biggins any hint about my past

Granny didn’t take it very well.  She hasn’t been completely herself after getting trapped in the cellar for a week, and after hearing the news she seemed overly angry and alarmed. I get it: it is bad to get suspended from school, but I think she overreacted. As a result, she set a strict curfew for me, and I must go to church with her every Sunday. At least I have a chance to meet Kat there, although it is not the best place to talk with her. Apparently, her parents have forbidden her to be in contact with me. They looked shocked when they saw me in the church. It made me a little spiteful.

While being suspended, I have had time to think. Someone had put the dead sparrow into my locker. This someone clearly wanted to threaten, frighten, or harm me, or have fun at my expense. I have no idea, who it was, but I must find it out before something similar happens again.


How is Tim going to find out who put the dead sparrow in his locker?

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