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Telling Kat everything

Yesterday morning I met Kat in the school, and she gave me the bag I had left behind when I rushed away. She was clearly worried – I guess my behaviour looked just as bad as I felt about the incident. I could tell she wanted to ask something, but she didn’t want to push me. After a minute of awkward silence, I had gathered enough courage to say her what I wanted to say. I suggested that we would meet after school. I told her I wanted to explain, what it was all about. She nodded seriously, and we agreed to meet in a nearby café.

Café Rosita is a great place for meetings like this. Practically no one ever goes there, so you can chat there without being disturbed. After getting our cups of coffee (I wanted to buy one for her, but she insisted to buy her own herself) I told her everything: about the decapitated sparrow I found in my locker, about my past as drug mule, and the problems I got when I wanted to quit that shit: the gang wasn’t happy, and they started to blackmail me.  Eventually the rumors started to spread in my former school, and I became an easy target for constant bullying. It all escalated to the point where it was impossible for me to go on with my life. I don’t know what would have happened without one of the teachers finding out the situation and contacting my parents. It was awful, they hadn’t had any idea what was going on, and they become very upset (to put it mildly). They decided it was best for me to move to live with my Granny and to change to another school. And so far, it had worked out reasonably well: Granny is ok, and the new school hasn’t been bad – until now.  Putting the dead sparrow in my locker might have been just a relatively harmless prank of a stupid classmate. But act like this was so typical method for the gang to scare and threaten someone who had betrayed them, that I can’t help thinking that they have found out, where I am. Maybe they want to make an example of me.

After I had told Kat all this, she just looked at me for a while. Then she asked: ‘Is the sparrow still in your locker?’
I nodded.
‘We must bury the poor thing’, she said. ‘It is the least we can do.’
Although that wasn’t something I had expected to hear, somehow I realized that she was right. First things first. School was already closed for the weekend, but we agreed to do it on next Monday after the school.

I am happy that I trusted Kat. She made me feel like there is no real problem after all.

But now I have new worries: Granny is missing! Apparently, she didn’t come home last night, and I haven’t seen her all day! Her car is gone, too. She is surprisingly busy lady for a pensioner, but this is not typical for her at all. She usually leaves a note, if she is going to be away for a while. And she hasn’t answered my calls. Now I feel even worse than after the sparrow incident, and all kinds of worst-case scenarios are raging in my mind. What should I do?


What is Tim going to do to find his grandmother?

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