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The Last Resort

It has now been more than a week since Granny went missing. On Sunday evening, after yet another futile day of searching for her, Miss Hedges came to meet Kat, Liam, and me to Granny’s house, which had become our headquarters for the searching mission. She told us that it was time to get back to school despite the horrible situation. She said we should not give up hope and promised that we could continue the search after the schooldays without needing to worry about homework. She gave us a big hug, and even though she tried her best to look hopeful and encouraging, I could tell she was just as tired and sad as the rest of us, when she walked away with drooping shoulders.

The situation did seem hopeless: no one had found any trace of Granny. And it hadn’t been just the three of us and Miss Hedges participating in the search: several volunteers from the church had been questioning people, and Liam’s Boy Scouts had been searching the woods. I felt that our last resort was the fact that Father Greg lied us about Granny. We agreed that we should investigate what was hidden behind those lies. We decided to go to Father Greg’s house after the school and do some investigating, if he wasn’t home.

It felt like the school day lasted forever. It was impossible to concentrate on the lessons, but Miss Hedges didn’t mind, and other teachers didn’t seem to notice that our thoughts were elsewhere.

After the school day was finally over, we took a walk to Father Greg’s house. The house is located in a sheltered site next to the woods at the northern fringe of the town. It took almost one hour to get there. No one seemed to be home. We didn’t notice any car in the driveway, and there didn’t seem to be any movement inside the house.

We approached the house carefully avoiding to be seen, trying to hide behind trees and bushes.


How are they going to continue the investigation at Father Greg’s house?

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